“ASIES” is the Latin origined word for Asies that is the mainland of the world.

While representing the East with the meaning of Asies, we also represent the West by the name being Latin origined. The synthesis of the the East, which symbolizes rebirth, and the Western world, the center of development, innovation, and knowledge, comes to life with the name “ASIES”, and also constitutes the main philosophy of the company, and company’s mission. The main mission of “ASIES INTERNATIONAL” is; from the east to the west, to establish the most accurate supply chain, in line with the needs, and by determining the expectations of its buyers from all over the world.

This chain is valuable by being;

  • Accurate,
  • Fast,
  • Quality,
  • Reliable,
  • Long-term,
  • Innovative,
  • Dynamic,
  • Competitive,

In addition to its location in home textile, and geographical advantages, Denizli that is the production base of Turkey, we make you comfortable by offering you, our stakeholders, English, and Russian communication, and documentation services.