Our company’s subsidiary “Lux Home Kazakhstan” promotional video was broadcast on TRT Avaz channel.

We have been at the service of our brother Kazakh people for about 15 years with our “Lux Home” registered brand, 100% Turkey production, high quality home textile products.

“Lux Home” products serve the people of Kazakhstan with 4 stores in Nursultan, 3 stores in Atyrau and 1 store in Almaty, on the way to which everyone should reach Lux and quality. In our stores, bedding sets, sheets, blankets, pillows and quilts, towels and bathrobes, tablecloths, bedspreads, rugs, home wear, pajamas and socks are offered for sale with colors, patterns and designs suitable for every taste and budget.

Fuat Topsakal, regional manager of Lux Home Kazakhstan Nur-Sultan, said in a statement.

“In the 30th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence, our company is proud to contribute to the country’s economy and provide employment support to the brotherly people of Kazakhstan. Our production team in Turkey and our sales team in Kazakhstan are working day and night to offer thousands of quality home textile products to the Kazakh people. Our biggest goal is to offer the best to the people in this country at the most affordable price. We understand from the trust shown to us over the years that we achieve this. “

Topsakal mentioned that they are in all categories of home textile; continued his words as follows: “From bed linen to blankets; from a towel to a bathrobe; We serve from tablecloths to rugs with approximately 12 thousand barcodes. This diversity is our biggest feature. In addition to the diversity of home textiles, we also serve in hotel textiles with our “Lux Home Contract” brand. In this category, we provide service in towels, bathrobes, sheets, pillows and quilt groups for hotels, spas and fitness centers. We have been the textile supplier of the oil camps’ dormitories in Tengiz for years. We strive to keep our customers’ satisfaction at the highest level, without compromising on quality, by delivering the product at the time specified in the contract, and with our after-sales services.”

Topsakal continued his words as follows:

“Living and doing business in Kazakhstan is no different for us than being in Turkey. We do not feel alone or outsiders here. Kazakhstan is our second homeland, and the economic and social development of Kazakhstan for the last 30 years makes us proud. If we have a small share in this development, I would be proud on behalf of my company. I invite all potential investors to invest in Kazakhstan, the most liberal country in the region, the shining star of Central Asia.”