The life of an average mattress is 6 to 10 years. Since you will sleep in the same bed for many years, it is extremely important that your mattress be as clean as possible. Humidity and bacteria are two important factors that spoil the structure of a mattress. The way to prevent this is to buy mattress protectors. Let’s see together … Staining and damaging your mattress is an extremely unpleasant situation that none of us want. If we do not want to suffer from these, it is definitely an extremely smart solution to invest in mattress protectors. is produced in a sensitive way.
Most of us miss bed hygiene while keeping our bedding clean. On average, we spend 8 to 10 hours of human life in bed every day. Bedding is the area where we spend the most time at home or in the hotel. Moreover, we are not the only people using a bed in hotels, so mattress protection is much more important. There are a lot of things in the bed, such as our dead skin, bacteria, bed bugs and dust mites, sweat, airborne pollutants, food crumbs and pet hair … Maybe you are putting your health at risk when your mattress hygiene is overlooked. Bed bugs and dust mites especially like to live in the seams and corners of the beds. An unprotected bed becomes a suitable host for these creatures and can cause serious situations from ugly bites to triggering attacks of hunger in humans.
Our mattresses are very easy to maintain and clean. Remove from the bed, gently wash and dry. You should of course clean a mattress with professional help, but it is a situation that you cannot always do at this cost point, so mattress protector turns out to be both a cheap and easy method.
Thanks to its liquid-proof structure, it prevents odors and prevents the formation of bacteria caused by moisture.
The main factor of a mattress protector is to extend the life of your mattress, but not only that, your sleep quality will increase thanks to your mattress protector.