“ASIES International” was founded in Denizli, one of the world’s leading home textile production centers, in 2014 with 20 years of production and trade experience. Our company, which adopts honest and long-term trade principles, exports 95% of its sales. Although the main markets are Russian-speaking countries, our products are exported to many countries around the world.We have many product groups in the category of home textiles, and hotel textiles in our collections. In order to have this wide range, we are not manufacturing all the products, but we are a manufacturer of some of the quality of towels, bathrobes and linen shards. Whether we manufacture the products, or not we supply them under the control of our own production team with a long-standing dating approach in other product groups.

In addition to providing home textile retailing under the name “LUXHOME”, our registered brand in these countries with our group companies located in Russia and Kazakhstan, we also offer hotel and order based textile services with our “LUXHOME Contract” brand.

As the main goal, it is a package service by providing organization support to our customer in production, procurement and logistics processes.It is our duty to offer competitive prices as well as being fast and high quality when serving this service.