Capital day of Kazakhstan..

Happy 6th July city day of Astana, capital of the young republic of the Turkic World, the symbol of independence and development of Kazakhstan.

After the independence of Kazakhstan in 1991; completely modernized and formerly known as the city of Akmola; In 1998, when it started to be built with a completely new modern look; It was named as “Astana”, which means Capital in Kazakh Turkish, from Almaty, the capital of the country, and moved to this city.

The name of the city, which is generally referred to as “Astana”,  the capital, was started to be used as Nursultan in honor of the founding president in 2019.

The city of Nur Sultan is home to a structure like the Khan Tent, which is a unique structure in the world. There is an artificial beach next to the shopping and entertainment centers in the building, which has the original architecture, which is the largest tent structure in the world.

Bayterek Tower is located in this city as a symbol of the city’s being the capital and Kazakh independence. The name Bayterek was inspired by the name of a tree that symbolizes longevity and wisdom.

In addition to these, each ministry’s service buildings with unique architecture, Nur Astana Mosque, Peace and tolerance pyramid, Astana independence palace, Expo center and 80-meter-wide glass Nur-Alem globe, Auditorium, Astana Arena Stadium, Akorda Presidential Palace, National Museum, Nazarbayev University is the most important architectural structures of the city.