Wool comes across as a tried-and-tested product in every corner of our house. It is both durable and reliable and luxurious and has a quality stance. It has a proven structure that is environmentally friendly, water and noose resistant, antibacterial and gives better sleep.

It’s also the most beautiful and special gift you’ll ever give your loved ones. It’s also a great way to make yourself happy.

WOOL HAS BEEN WITH US FOR MANY YEARS: Wool is an old practice. Wool weaving, which has an important place in the life of yoruks, especially in other cultures in Turkish culture, has been with us since ancient times. In a sense, it was imperative that the wool increased from animals in the form of no-man’s life be evaluated in weaving because there was no alternative. During their nomadic lives, the nomads took long walks on their way from one place to another, and in order to evaluate this time, they separated the wool from their fibers into yarns and then produced items containing these ropes and weaving. People took care of themselves by evaluating their resources with the closed economy without the need for outside. Wool does not sweat, absorbs moisture and protects your temperature. It does not draw electricity, especially shepherds’ shutters are made of pure wool, water-proof, lightning-insuffering, non-combustion melts. Many disease germs escape from wool only in moth wool, they occur only in hot weather and are prevented from forming with what we call mothballs, and our ventilation in fresh air is sufficient to clean.

INTAKES MOISTURE: The water that falls on the wool evaporates regardless. This is because the fibers in it push the water. It relaxes the sleeper, so it pushes the sweat during sweating and does not make the person sweat. In fact, thanks to its natural structure, it balances one’s body temperature.

ANTI-BACTERIAL: It does not contain bacteria, mold and other substances since it does not hold moisture. Therefore, it does not smell. It has a natural smell of its own, which does not bother people.

FIRE RESISTANT: Wool is fire resistant to other substances.This is why many of us have witnessed wool blankets being thrown on people or on flames during a fire.Carpets are made of wool on trains and planes, and army blankets and fireman’s jerseys are made of wool.

NOT ALLERGIC: Many people confuse itching with allergies. However, allergies to wool material are not common, most likely, the situation may be aversion to larger wool fibers. You can get a thinner wool blanket to prevent this. Shake your wool blanket and air it in the fresh air. When we say wool, itching comes to our mind, this is a psychological perception. Sheep wool is softer and not hard, so it does not itch like goat wool.

WOOL ABSORBS SOUND: Used in piano and baseballs.It is used to knit small hammers inside the piano and is also used in speakers due to its ability to absorb sound.In addition, the inside of a baseball is completely filled with wool to withstand the power of a bat.

WOOL DOES NOT REQUIRE WASHING: When they ask how we should clean our wool blankets, we say “do not wash”. Because of its antibacterial structure, wool cleans itself. All you have to do is shake and ventilate in the fresh air.

GUARANTEES SLEEP: We guarantee your sleep because it has a structure that regulates desity and heat. Coolness prevents you from waking up at night by giving warmth to those who don’t like warmth and those who don’t like coolness.