“ASIES International” will give an undertaking 100% honest, fast, and quality service to you.

You will not experience the disinformation that we see in the business world these days. As we want long time period relationships with our customers, we work together as a team to give you the most accurate, the fastest, high quality service.  We keep our services without cut-back during the time of order, manufacturing, loading, also after the sale is done.


No minimum order quantity

There are no minimum requirements for your order that includes products labeled with our registired brand “Luxhome”. It is available for the colors, designs, and sizes within our collections. This advantage will help you by dividing your budget to various other product group to enhance the product extent, therefore will help you enhance your sales, and profit. All advantages also apply to our hotel textile products labeled as “LuxHome Contract”. As long as they are in our regular stock.

We are ready to serve you with our wide range of products. We have more than ten thousand products and their variations.

We give our service from duvet cover to towel; from bathrobe to bedspread; from mattress protector to fitted bed sheet; from tablecloth to blanket; from pillow to quilt; to sum up anything you need about home and hotel textile, We serve products that mentioned above with different quality, design, color, and size.With the advantage of operating our chain stores, we are already arranging many products under our brand, and we want our partners to benefit from this advantage. There is no company in the world that is manufacturing as various amount of products as we arrange. Along with producing, we also supply some of the products. This does not mean we are not competitive with the products that we supply. Within the extent of creation, financing, and logistics, we as a team work with our partners to produce optimal amount of products.

We are offering the advantage of speed, and service in many product categories.

We save you from the logistics, and organization cost of getting different product categories from different countries, cities, and manufacturers. One company, one shipment, one payment will alleviate your workload significantly.

We offer Private Label service

We can arrange products with your label, any quality, size, standards, packaging you desire. We provide services to you in all categories of products that we produce, or supply by giving term, and quality guarantee.  We help you to devote more time, and energy to your sales, by solving the quality, and deadline problems with keeping the process of production under control. Also we are assisting you to save the money that you will spend travelling, and helping you to reserve the travelling budget to marketing.

We can also give you services from our affiliated companies that are located in Kazakhstan, and Russian Federation.

You can order products from our producing base in Denizli/Turkey, or if your company is in Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, or any other country that is a member of Eurasian Customs Union, through our companies in Kazakhstan, and Russian Federation in addition to all our advantages, we can offer you our products in local currency, and local invoice with the customs process completed. As this saves you from logistics and customs organization, also it provides the advantage of getting ready products in the fastest way.