Wondering why we should buy wool blankets when there are fiber and other cheaper blankets available? So read on. If you have not bought wool blankets before, you are about to make the right investment now and by continuing to read our article, you will be sure how you invested in your health.

WOOL KEEPs WARM: When it is integrated into blankets and clothes, thanks to the fibers in the wool, it keeps the air inside and therefore keeps us warm.

WOOL HAS THE SAME PROTEIN STRUCTURE IN HUMAN HAIR: It has a completely natural and healthy structure. For this reason, in terms of human health, it is a completely beneficial object for people when we consider not only keeping it warm, but also skin-friendly and body temperature adjustment features.

WOOL KEEPs DRY: Thanks to the hairs of the sheep, that is, the wool, the wool that keeps you dry in various weather conditions keeps you dry and warm. The fibers in the wool retain moisture. When you wear not only blankets but also woolen underwear, it keeps you warm and dry by trapping the sweat of your skin. You will wake up sweaty and feel uncomfortable when you get up for coffee while spending time lying on the sofa with a synthetic blanket. However, when you spend an evening with a wool blanket, you will have a comfortable and dry feeling at the same time. Wool absorbs moisture and makes you feel dry, warm and, as a result, comfortable. The main feature of the material we call wool is that it absorbs much more moisture than its own weight before it gets wet.


WOOL FRAGRANCE: Wool has a resistant structure resistant to mildew. Therefore, it does not smell. This is why it is more durable than many other synthetics. It is enough to ventilate your wool blanket to remove odors. No other extra process is required. If you have used it all winter and need cleaning, you can wash it by hand in cold and not very hot water, but what you should remember is that wool does not like high temperatures. So please follow the manufacturer’s instructions at the point of cleaning.

WOOL MEANS QUALITY: If you use wool blankets in your home, it is only a matter of time before you add modern decoration to your home. A woolen blanket you throw on your tired looking chair or sofa makes a great accessory. So what is your experience with wool blankets? If you have a wool blanket and it has become one of the most important parts of your life, please share your experiences with us. We look forward to your valuable feedback in the comments section.