Blankets made of wool are extremely beneficial products for human health. It emerges as a fact proven by science. Today, doctors and scientists state that wool blankets contribute to human immunity. It is not only limited to immunity, but also relaxes our body by calming people and contributes to a comfortable sleep cycle by completely eliminating the feeling of fatigue.

The heat is good for many diseases in our body, the most important tool that provides this is wool blankets, so in the treatment of many diseases such as rheumatism, back and joint pain, stiffness, wool blankets benefit us because they are completely natural and skin-friendly. Especially in the treatment of flu and cold, it is indispensable for us to sweat. In this way, you will see that you stand up in a very short time when we take our medicines and sweat under a wool blanket while experiencing discomfort. The biggest support for the regulation of metabolism, blood flow and heart rhythm is also provided by a wool blanket. The most natural work you can do to restore muscles, especially after sports training and intense training, will be to hug a wool blanket.

The reason why a wool blanket is so beneficial for us is that the wool material warms our body in the right amount. Whatever the temperature in the room, the blanket warms our body just as it should be. The setting of this temperature depends entirely on its natural nature. Thanks to the breathability of the fiber contained in the wool material, the moisture generated by the heat inside is absorbed immediately and mixes into the air immediately, thus preventing overheating.

Blankets made of wool are an excellent material. When it comes into contact with our skin, it will give us warmth and a positive feeling. Since it is based on naturally sourced material, it traps odors and eliminates toxins. It keeps warm, but it is moderate, so it does not give us more heat than necessary for our health, it does not make us sick, but treats us.


For someone with an allergic nature, wool blanket may cause rash on the skin, etc. It is necessary to be careful about storing wool blankets, otherwise they become the favorite food of what we call moth and they are eaten. After washing, its properties can almost always change. If it is made of very high quality wool, very high costs may occur.