The feeling that a bath towel creates in humans should be a fresh look and a sense of hygiene. When you own a new home, of course, it is your right to make a decoration that suits your personal taste. And one of the most important criteria in this decoration is undoubtedly a luxurious bathroom concept. Or if you start from your bathroom when you renovate your home and want to get a luxurious touch in your bathroom, you can give a luxurious effect even with small touches. Yes we are talking about bath towels. Small touches create a luxurious bathroom effect. If you add a quality towel set to your bathroom, you will not believe the effect it creates.
We would like to share some information with you at the point of care for your towels. First of all, you should hang your bath towels separately after washing them to dry. If you already have a quality tightly woven towel, know that it will be long lasting. It is resistant to being washed over and over.
If your towels are used 3 times a week, then it is time to change or this is a personal situation. If you are very meticulous then change it to 2 days.
Do not use too much detergent and the fabric softener will make the towels stiff.
First of all, what you need to do is to have a quality towel and the rest will be solved with your little touches.
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