It is not very important for what purpose your guests come to your hotel. Maybe a seasonal holiday, maybe corporate tours, weekend holidays, it is your duty to make your guests feel special. Hygiene and food are the elements that remain in the minds of your hotel guests for a very long time. Towels used in toilets and rooms are very important. Choosing the right hotel towel is not as easy as it might seem. We would like to give you tips in the light of our experience as our company in the next article. We, as Asies Tekstil, are a hotel towel wholesaler company. Our aim is to meet the needs of your guests and It is to help revitalize the quality of your hotel. The first thing you need to do is to decide the size of your towels. Washing towels, hand towels, bath towels, foot mats are yes size as well as their types. Because each towel has a different function. While the rust helps to keep your feet dry, bath towels are larger than foot mats. The usage areas of the towels are the first item of which towel you will buy. For example, pool towels are more fluffy, soft type, they dry easily and give your guests a wonderful experience with their softness. For example, Turkish cotton is an extremely high quality material. You should buy a soft and durable towel. The real quality of a towel is its weight. You should be sure that your towel is of the right weight. The heavier the towels, the more absorbent. Choosing the towels made will mean a wonderful experience and happiness for you and your guests.
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