We all know that a pillow is the most valuable part of a person’s life. Choosing a pillow is a completely personal choice. Some of us prefer a soft pillow, some of us hard. Since a pillow is a personal preference, a pillow that is comfortable for one guest may turn out to be an extremely uncomfortable experience for your other guest. It is definitely a difficult option for you to have a different option for each of your guests, so keeping a large amount of pillows is a more rational solution. Your guest who likes a firm pillow will be satisfied when they put two pillows on top of each other.

Our pillows must be changed for a period of 2 years, the reason for this is that they absorb substances such as dead skin and sweat, which may harm allergy sufferers. Washing our pillows is a solution, yes, but it is a short-term solution and it will wear out, so you need to replace it and buy a new pillow. Especially in hotels, the same pillow is used by many people, so hotels should buy pillows more often. It is possible to make your pillows safer with regular washing in hotels, but as we mentioned before, this is a short-term solution. Hotels usually change the pads when certain periods come, but cleaning staff change them when they notice wear or tear on the pads. Choosing the right pillow type is crucial to avoid neck pain when it comes to the stiffness of every person pillow.

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